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  In 1997, Jinzhou Jinheng automobile safety airbag Co., Ltd. was established, and the company registered 1 million yuan (RMB).

  In 1998, the red flag car crash test was completed in the United States to match the vehicle safety system.

  In 1999, it signed a mechanical airbag cooperation agreement with the American Bailey company.

  In 2002, 1, set up R & D centers and production bases in Jinzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, forming 80 thousand sets of airbag production capacity;

      2, the company changed its name to Jinzhou Jinheng automobile safety system Limited by Share Ltd, the company registered capital of 30 million yuan.

  In 2002, we successfully developed an electronic airbag with FAW steam Research Institute and bulk supply to the main engine plant.

  In 2003 1, the company changed its name to Jinzhou Jinheng automobile safety system Co., Ltd., which became a sole proprietorship company in Hongkong. The investor: Jinheng (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. with registered capital of 31 million 500 thousand Hong Kong dollars

      2, joint venture with Brilliance Automotive Company, set up Shenyang Jinbei Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd.

      3, through QS9000 and VDA6.1 quality management system certification

  In 2004, it was certified by China National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment (CNAS) and passed the TS16949 quality system certification.

  2005, 1, for the domestic and foreign more than 50 models supporting airbags.

      2. We successfully developed the head chest integrated side impact protection airbag, which was identified by Liaoning science and technology achievements.

      3, for the first time, we realized the export of products for export, supporting airbags for Malaysia and Iran. The air bag production line was approved by KSS company and supplied to its overseas market.

  In 2006, 1, completed the construction of technology center and the transformation of acceleration slide and parts laboratory.

      2, through ISO14001 environmental quality certification

      3, speed up the construction of enterprise information and implement ERP project

      4, the registered capital of the company increased to 100 million Hong Kong dollars

  In 2007, 1, completed the technological transformation investment and construction, and expanded the real vehicle collision laboratory.

      2. The new 7000 square meter complex will form 1 million sets of airbag production scale.

      3, the registered capital of the company increased to 169 million Hong Kong dollars

  2008 1, the successful acquisition of Liaoning and Chang Huabao Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., expanding the market share, in order to overcome the economic crisis, make bigger and stronger enterprises to lay the foundation

      2, through the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Liaoning

  2009 1, to achieve a historic breakthrough, through the Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive supplier qualification examination, become the Shanghai Volkswagen automobile supplier, product matching into the high-end car field

      2, the investment carries on the automobile multi-directional collision protection technical transformation, enlarges the side airbag, the curtain air bag production scale, adds 400 thousand automobile steering wheel production capacity, develops the intelligent airbag for the Hafei outlet electric vehicle, forms 1 million 400 thousand sets of safety airbag production capacity

      3, the registered capital of the company increased to 185 million Hong Kong dollars

  2010, 1, curtain airbags and knee air bags were identified by scientific and technological achievements in Liaoning.

      2. The company's shares are acquired by the WAN de group and become a wholly owned subsidiary of the WAN de group.

      3, introduce the electronic stability control technology of Holland TNO company to develop vehicle active safety technology.

  2011 1, invest in the establishment of Jinzhou Jinheng safety device Co., Ltd., Beijing Wan de Jia Rui Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.

      2. Review through high and new technology enterprises

  2012, 1, the introduction of technology leaders, launched a new airbag technology research

      2, realize the Volkswagen Langyi project batch matching side airbag.

      3. The electronic intelligent airbag project has been accepted by the Liaoning provincial science and technology department.

      4, the registered capital of the company increased to 267 million Hong Kong dollars

  In 2013, 1, in China, the first seminar on E-NCAP vehicle safety technology was held, and the president of the famous European new vehicle evaluation agency invited to explain the vehicle safety regulations.

      2, with the central "science and education channel" "the original" column to record the "airbag and safety belt" of popular science publicity programs, further expand the reputation of the company

      3, increase the input of the hardware facilities, complete the expansion and transformation of the assembly and sewing workshops, the production capacity of 2 million sets, the introduction of the 30 layer laser cutting equipment, the new sewing workshop to be put into use


  2014 1, investment in steering wheel workshop, painting workshop transformation, parts and components laboratory transformation, improve the environment, enhance the image.

      2, with the CCTV "science and education channel" and "original" column, the science popularization program about "child safety seat" was recorded.

  In 1 and March of 2015, the experimental department successfully carried out the dynamic roll test meeting the US FMVSS 208 regulations.

      In 2 and April, the experimental Department increased the scope of the experimental capacity from 42 items of the original 5 categories to 102 items of the 6 category through the review and review of the China National Accreditation National Accreditation Commission (CNAS).

      3 and April 29th, the first static airbag point explosion test in China was carried out in the collision Laboratory of the Chinese people's Liberation Army Institute of communications and medicine in Chongqing. The experiment was completed by the Third Military Medical University of the Chinese people's Liberation Army and Jinzhou Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. Wang Zhengguo, a member of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that the test uses a complete body sample, the test process is legitimate and rigorous, the research and development resources are sufficient, the equipment is perfect, and the staffing is strong. The joint research and development of Jin Heng and Third Military Medical University is the combination of "medical workers". The experiment has gathered the advantages of both sides in their respective fields, and is a new breakthrough in the field of domestic traffic medicine research.

      The company signed an agreement with the US Seattle safety company to introduce sled system -Super Sled.

      5, May 21st, the company May 2015 20~21 day, the company in Shanghai mass supplier quality and evaluation of the quality standards and evaluation of the ability to obtain a class a supplier qualification approval. This is another highly qualified supplier qualification granted by Jinzhou Jinheng after obtaining the Shanghai Volkswagen B+ supplier in 2009.

  In 1 and May 2016, Jinzhou Kam passed the Audi / Volkswagen test room certification first review; in June 2016, the Audi / Volkswagen laboratory accredited the review, through the test room site evaluation, formally obtained the Audi / Volkswagen double test approval certificate.

      2, November Jiangsu Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. completed the registration.

  2017 1, Kam Heng company set up 20th anniversary;

      2, sales revenue in 2017 was 1.8 billion RMB, and the company achieved a grand goal of doubling revenue in 10 years.

      3. Jinheng system, Jiangsu Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. was formally put into operation.