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Safety part – Clock spring
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Safety part – Clock spring

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Clock spring is a key electrical rotating connector used in automotive airbags. It is mounted below the steering wheel of the car. It is a current transfer device that is highly reliable between two rotating parts. It is mainly composed of a flexible flat cable, wire harness shell, relative rotation (conductive lead wire) and connectors such as composition, rotating in left and right steering wheel, to ensure that the normal circuit connection of electrical components like driver airbag and horn switch.

The clock spring in automobile airbag plays the key role fo signal transmission and formation of circuit, to ensure the airbag electronic control unit ECU provide reliable, timely and effectively signal to the inflator for deployment and and ensure the safety of passengers and drivers after collisions. If the circuit in the clock spring is not properly connected, it will cause the airbag to not deploy properly when the vehicle collides, so as not to effectively protect the occupant's life. Therefore, the clock spring plays a very important role in the automotive safety system.

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