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Safety part – Wire harness
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Safety part – Wire harness

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The wire harness is made up of wires, connectors, and accessories. The wire harness can be made into special electrical (or electrical components) products which play functions through the current by a plurality of circuit (wire) for connecting each function according to the different needs of customers. The wire harness is the carrier of the connection and control of the electrical components, and is the main part of the circuit. Its application is widespread. wire harness is required in transportation, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, communications equipment, energy, machinery and other industriesand and in the field of energy use and product control.

With the development of electrical product safety, environmental protection requirements and improvement of the wire harness product technology, optical fiber and module technology will be introduced to harness application technology, wire harness products will gradually become the product of high technological content and strong profitability.

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