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Tire pressure monitoring system
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Tire pressure monitoring system

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Tire pressure monitoring system is mainly used to automatically monitor the tire pressure during the vehicle running, and to alarm the abnormal condition of the tire so as to ensure the safety of driving. The pressure sensor is installed in each tire to measure the tire pressure and temperature and battery power utilization directly, and displaying and monitoring the tire pressure and temperature. The system will automatically alarm when the tire pressure is too high, too low or leakage, or when the tire temperature is too high, sensor assembly battery  is low.


Self test function; undervoltage alarm function; tire pressure alarm function; fault alarm function; tire pressure and temperature display function; fast leak alarm function; temperature alarm function; sensor with low frequency active detection function; artificial control system has the function of learning system with low power consumption function;


Communication mode: CAN; LIN; serial communication; basically meet the requirements of major car factories;

Control the technical parameters of tyre in reasonable range to prevent the risk of flat tire;

Reasonable use of tires, reduce tire wear, reduce fuel consumption to a certain extent and ensure traffic safety;

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